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"Yeah, I do..." Kiba muttered, playing with a lock of Shino's hair

He pauses once more, brows knitting, clearly showing confusion at the playfullness. "Good for you, Kiba." Shino lets out a heavy breath. "Why are you touching me?"

Kiba smiled brightly. "No reason!"

"...Sometimes I wonder if your actually human." He shakes his head, peering upwards at the sky.

Kiba smirked. "Some say I'm... dog-like"

"It's an understatement. Trust me." He shifts, lifting a hand to lightly ruffle Kiba's hair. "Although I would say your more of a pup."

Kiba smiled and flopped down on the grass, pulling Shino down with him.

His eyes widen behind the dark glasses and he stares down at Kiba, far beyond confusion now, yet thankful for the high collar of his coat which hides the vague blush upon his cheeks. "Kiba...? What do you have planned?"

Kiba smirked evilly. "I was only thinking of laying in the grass and watching the clouds with my buddy. Why? What were *you* thinking?"

"What I always think...More than you." He smirks, laying back on the grass, eyes closing as he lets out a sigh. "It's been a while, hasn't it? Since any of us just...enjoyed our time together."

Kiba played with the grass at his side. "Yeah, it's always so... chaotic"

"Mm." Shino flicked his gaze down to the grass and smirked, reaching out to rest his hand near Kiba's only to lift it moment's later- on his fingertip a small ant scuttled about. "With all the events controling our lives we forget how to appericiate what we already have."

Kiba hummed softly and unconsiously curled against Shino's side

He blinked. Warmth? Eyes lowering, Shino arched a brow. "Kiba-san...Is everything alright?"

Kiba noticed he was all but cuddling the taller boy but refused to move after he'd become comfortable. "Yup! Peachy."

The Aburame arches a brow, head tilting curiously. "Your being rather...clingy today."

Kiba shrugged listlessly. "Whatever." He still didn't move

Shino shook his head, laying back. The boy was hopeless. Once he had his mind set it would take a mircle to detour Kiba. "How is Hinata doing?"

Kiba chuckled a little. "Quiet as usual, I'm actually thinking of punching Naruto in the head and telling him she likes him... So clueless..."

"Mm. Naruto can be a baka at times." He paused then grunted. "Or all the time." Lifting a hand he calmly pushes his glasses up, a habit that had formed to calm himself when nervous on the inside. "Kiba- Do you ever sit with Hinata like this?"

Kiba was quiet for a few seconds. "No. Why?"

He chuckles. "It's nothing. Curiousity."

Kiba hums softly some more. "It's nice out today"

Shino nods in agreement. "Hai. Ironic, I suppose." He pauses then lowers his hand, watching as the ant scuttles off into the grass. "I would think you were the type to sit here often."

Kiba shook a bit with silent laughter. "Even I have some down time"

He tilts his head, glancing down to the boy. "For all your animal traits, your still amusing."

Kiba streached, unknowingly showing off his body to the taller boy. "Yeah, I get that a lot"

Shino pauses, staring despite himself. "Ano..." He blinks and breaks his gaze away to force himself in staring at the grass. "I could see why."

Kiba folded his arms under his head and appeared to settle in for a snooze. "I can't remember who but someone said I look cute when I sleep," He cracks open an eye and nudges Shino. "I bet it was a cute girl or something"

He grunts, feeling the heat rise in his cheeks. "H-Hai...If a girl would take interest in you."

Kiba opened his eyes and furrowed his brows. "Why wouldn't they? I'm damn sexy."

"If you consider an animal attractive, then yes." He smirks, his own arms crossing behind his head. "A dog at that."

Kiba frowned and moved so he was sitting on Shino's stomach and glaring down at the boy. "I'll have you know lots of girls ask me out everyday! Almost as much as Sasuke!"

"I'm sure. They come to you like flies to dung, don't they?" He chuckles, shifting beneath Kiba. "Please get off me."

Kiba blinked. "Why?"

"..." His brows lift and he grunts. "Because I said so, Kiba-san?"

Kiba smirked. "What am I making you all hot and bothered? Why Shino I had no idea..."

His eyes widen and the blush seems to double. "Na-Nani?!" He stares up at Kiba, squirming now. "Please remove yourself from me, Kiba."

Kiba hooked a finger on his collar and pulled it down. "You're blushing Shi-no~"

"Oi!" He gripped Kiba's wrist, swallowing hard. This was wrong...No one wanted to be close to a Aburame. No, no, no. That wasn't suppose to happen and Kiba was suppose to be too stupid to figure things out! His plans were failing, his barriers, and without them Shino might as well of stripped down in front of the dog. "Kiba...Don't."

Kiba's free hand slammed to the side of the Aburame's head and he removed the boys sunglasses with his teeth. Smirking with them clenched in his mouth.

He flinched at the sudden thud near his head then found himself shutting his eyes as light invaded normally shaded visions. "A-Ah- What are you doing?" The light had nearly blinded him and he numbly tried to grip Kiba, to push at him. "Why are you doing this, Kiba-san?"

Kiba lifted his hand to take the sunglasses out of his mouth and settle them on top of the boy's head. "Brown. I knew it"

"Naruto owes me a bowl of ramen." He muttered looking smug

He blinks, tensing. "You..." His eyes narrow as he puts the glasses back into place and shoves Kiba off of him. "If you wanted to see so badly for a bowl of ramen, you should of asked, baka!" He actually snapped at Kiba, only to blink and look away. "...Gomen."

Kiba blinked in confusion, had he done something wrong? He'd never heard the quiet boy snap at him before. "Sh-Shino?"

He sighes, adjusting his glasses as he rises and dusts himself off. "It's nothing, Kiba. I'm not feeling well. That's all." Hands slipping into his pants pockets he began to walk away from his fellow nin.

"H-hey wait!" Kiba leapt up and grabbed Shino's hand, turning him to face him

He halted and stared at Kiba. "What is it?"

Kiba swallowed. "What... What were you thinking about back there Shino?"

Shino paused, blinking slowly. "I've already answered that question."

Kiba was confused for a moment. "... oh, oh Shino I'm sorry I know you don't like to be touched or anything like that"

He glanced down to Kiba's hand still grasping at his own. "...It's alright, Kiba." Those eyes lifted back to the boy. "So- are you happy now that you've found out the mystery behind Aburame Shino's glasses?"

Kiba let go of his hand and looked down for a second. "Y-you look better with them off."

That wasn't something he expected to hear. "I...do?"

Kiba blinked for a few seconds. "Ah.. yeah. With the glasses and the jacket and everything it looks like you're trying to hide and shut everyone out. Kinda depressing ya know?" He gave a nervous chuckle. "Without them you look... I dunno. Friendly. Kinda..."

"I see..." He paused then smiled softly. "You asked me what I was thinking, Kiba. It wasn't that you were trying to see my eyes for a bowl of Ramen."

"Well I figured that much." Kiba chuckled nervously again "What was it?"

"I...don't know. Maybe that you were being overly friendly or that you.." How could he even manage to say such? "That maybe you enjoyed my company."

He smiled brightly. "Of course I enjoy your company! We're friends right?" Kiba obviously didn't get it.

A hidden frown and he nods, silently sighing. "Right."

Kiba looked back toward the lovely patch of grass behind him. "Hey you wanna go-" He was abruptly cut off.

He had never truly thought of taking risks without proper measure....Not in fighting or even in the minor social life he had but, just this once, it felt right. A do or die situtation with the battle of emotions. Tugging down the collar of his jacket the Aburame quickly moved forwards to press his lips to Kiba's. It felt nice...Warm, comforting...yet eager and something wild- things that seemed to make up the dog-like nin who stood before him. Things, it seemed, that another so intuned with nature was hooked by.

Kiba blinked but settled into the kiss all the same. Shino tasted nice

Shino slowly broke the kiss, cheeks tinted with blush. "...Gomen, Kiba. I just..I wanted to see what it was like."

Kiba touched his lips and blinked for a few seconds... then knocked Shino down into the grass and pressed his lips against his again

His eyes widened at the sudden force, grunting as he greeted the ground, lips to his own. Was this...real? Without giving himself a chance to think the matter through, Shino reached up, wrapped his arms around Kiba's neck and kissing him deeply.

Kiba licked at Shino's lips gently.

Shino smiles softly as he parts his lips, tentivly letting his own tongue dart out to brush Kiba's before he broke the kiss- blush clearly evident upon his cheeks.

Kiba smirked and licked at the tip of Shino's nose. "Damnit you're cute when you blush..."

He grunts, smirking."Arigato, Kiba." A chuckle left him at the lick. "And your always cute..."

Kiba pulled down the collar of Shino's jacket again, dipping his head down to suck at the boy's tender neck

His eyes widened behind the glasses as a small gasp left him and he shuddered. Lucky Kiba...Seemed like the boy would have a chance to realize one his weak spots after all. His hands lifted, fingers gently rubbing against Kiba's head and combing through his hair to pet the youth as Shino smiled softly. "Were you planning this?"

Kiba let go of the Aburame's neck for a second. "And if I was?"

He chuckled. "Well then, I'd have to congradulate you on a well thought out plan."

Kiba looked perplexed for a moment. "What DO you wear under this jacket?"

He blinked then shook his head. "Are you really that curious?"

".... yes."

His eyes widen, the blush increasing. "...You want to find out?"

Kiba smirked. "I do."

He chuckled, head tilting. "It's not that hard to undo buttons, is it?"

Kiba smirked evilly. "I think you should do it," he said getting up so Shino can stand.

That made him blink. "Nani?" He stared at Kiba as he sat up. "You want me to...?" His brows knitted. "Why?"

Kiba shrugged. "I always thought you'd look really hot just taking off your clothes"

The definatly made him blush as he rose. "Heh. I see." With a small hum he removed his glasses- pausing to allow his eyes to adjust to the light- before tucking them into his pants pocket. Hands were lifted, carefully and slowly begining to unbutton his jacket- clearly taking the tease Kiba given his pace.

Kiba bit his lip and stared, Shino was damn sexy taking his clothes off. He'd been right yet again. Today definatly was his day.

Shino smirked, shrugging the jacket off of his shoulders so it would pool at his elbows as he worked on unbutton the last bits of the coat. With the cloth having fallen as it did, what lay beneath was easily revealed...That being nothing. Nothing but skin. If Shino had worn a shirt before, Kiba would never know it.

Kiba leaned forward and just lapped at Shino's chest, licking and sucking on the sensitive skin that he knew no one had seen but him.

He gasped, hands finding Kiba's hair as he bit his lip to stifle a whimper. This had never happened...Nor had he dreamed it ever would. "K-Kiba."

Kiba unzipped his jacket and tossed it to the side, the mesh shirt underneath hardly a barrier between his and Shino's chests. He sucked at the side of the boy's neck and pressed his lips against his ear. "Gods you're so hot"

Shino couldn't help but pant softly as his hands slipped down Kiba's back and he swallowed hard. "Kiba..." He leaned against the boy, lips trailing against the nin's cheek. "You’re an animal..." He smirked, clearly that was meant in the best way possible. "But I like it."

Kiba panted softly in his ear. "If you think I'm gonna bottom you you're sorely out of luck" he chuckled, tounging that area between his ear and his neck

He blinked. "Na-Nani?" Blush flooded his cheeks as he bit his lip, muffling the small groan that left him.

Kiba leaned even closer to him. "I mean... I'll be the one fucking you, got it?"

Those brown eyes shown slight surprise before he chuckled and pressed his lips to Kiba's throat. "I understand..." His hands drifted, dragging his nails lightly over Kiba's back. "Lose this soon." He muttered, tugging at the fishnet which clung to the nin.

"I thought it'd be kinda kinky." Kiba chuckled as he removed the fabric.

He smirks, chuckling. "Is that what you want, hm?"

"Well I am an animal after all." He bit the Aburame's earlobe. "That in and of itself sounds kinky."

"Hai." He hissed at the bite, clutching Kiba's shoulders as he tensed. "And it sounds...fun."

Kiba raised an eyebrow. "Oh? I had no idea you were like that Shi-no~"

He chuckles. "We all have our surprises, Kiba." With a small hum, he wraps his arms around the nin's waist and pulls him down to the ground. "Is this better?"

Kiba nudged his groin against Shino's. "These have to go Shino"

He smiled softly. "Are you wanting to watch again?"

Kiba grinned. "That'd be great."

Shino chuckles, shaking his head. "Wouldn't it be rather akward laying down?"

Kiba blushed and got off of him. "Yeah..."

Shino chuckled as he rose. "Commanding now, Kiba?" He smirked as his hands lowered to his hips then drifted to the front of his pants. Nimble fingers worked the button of his dark pants free and those same fingers soon pinched the zipper. Dragging the clasp downwards slowly, he kept his eyes on Kiba for approval. This was...odd yet exciting as ever. Thrilling even. He took a breath, panting and resisting the urge to buck his hips as his own fingertips brushed against that stirring arousal behind cloth- enticing a moan from his lips...All in an effort to tease and intrigue the lovly nin before him.

Kiba licked his lips and panted a bit. "Looks like you could used some help with that." He inclined his head towards Shino's groin.

The Aburame hummed, head tilting. "Would you like to help me, Kiba?"

Kiba crawled forward on his hands and knees. "Yeah actually I would..."

Shino narrows his eyes, swallowing, trying not to moan at the thought. "Tell me how..."

The Inuzuka was now pressed chest to chest against Shino, he slid his hand into the boy's open pants. "Well that all depends..." He palmed the erection and moved his mouth next to the boy's ear. "On whether you want me to use my mouth or my hand."

"Ki-Kiba!" He shuddered, hips instinctivly jerking to grind his firm member against the nin's hand as he let out a small whimper. "I thought you...wanted to fuck me?" A tiny smirk of mischief as he wrapped his arms around the youth and nipped at Kiba's throat, letting out a groan to edge the nin on.

"Well you should know by now..." Kiba panted at Shino's mouth tricks. "I like to play with my victim before finishing it"

"Ne...Of course." He shifted and pushed himself away from Kiba, eyes hooded with lust as he licked his lips. "But who's to say I don't enjoy the same?"

Kiba smirked and played with the tip of one of his long canines with his tongue. "Well I always Kinda hoped.... Shino..."

A smirk to those lips and Shino drew close to Kiba again, grasping his hand to place it down his pants once more and grind against the boy's palm. Small gasps emerged from him as his lips met his teammates and he let his own hand trail down Kiba's chest and stomach.

Kiba leaned his forehead against Shino's shoulder and gasped as the taller man's hand teased him. "You know... I'm beginning to like the way you think," he muttered, swiping his thumb over the tip of Shino's cock.

His eyes widened, he bucked furiously at that single touch, causing a rather loud cry to leave him. "A-Ah...Really?" He hummed, nipping as Kiba's lower lip. "I was hoping you might see my logic one day." His hand drifted, rubbing his palm against the boy's own clearly hardened member.

"Ahhn... god." Kiba sucked at his neck to muffle his own gasps and moans.

Shino gasps for breath, fumbling to push his hand down Kiba’s pants, rubbing him in the same manner the dog-nin gave him. He swallowed hard and tried to keep his own cries down as he rocked against the palm of Kiba's hand. "It feels so good, Kiba."

Kiba chuckled breathlessly. "That's the whole point Shino." He removed his hand from the Aburame's pants and pushed him down. "But I know something that feels a lot better."

He couldn't help the whine that left him as that beloved hand was taken away and he was soon toppled, peering up at his fellow teammate. "H-Hai?" He stared at Kiba, clearly curious but clouded with the lustful thoughts his body sent to his brain. "Is it something you can show me?"

"That I can do..." Kiba quipped as he lifted the other boy's hips to slip off his pants. He held two fingers out to Shino. "Suck on them."

That made the Aburame blink in surprise, yet he wasn't going to disobey Kiba. He leaned up and parted his lips, taking those two fingers into his mouth and sucking upon the flesh. His eyes hooded even as the feeling of cold air against his warm skin made him tremble.

After his fingers were slick enough her pulled them out from Shino's mouth. Moving then down to the boy's asshole and running his fingers around it.

He tensed at the touch, swallowing, gasping for breath. "Kiba?" Curiousity had him as his brows knitted. "What are you doing?"

Kiba moved up along Shino's body, still teasing the boy's entrance with his fingers. "I'm pretty sure you'd want me to stretch you."

He slowly nodded though it was clear Shino was unsure just what Kiba spoke of. "If it would make things easier, hai."

Kiba gently slid one finger inside of him, wriggling it around a bit and giving Shino time to adjust to the intrusion.

He bit his lip, stifling a small cry at the sudden feeling of Kiba's finger inside of him- causing his hips to buck with need. "A-Ah...Kiba-san..." He murmured breathlessly, reaching up to run his hands through Kiba's hair.

The sight of Shino moaning like that was hot... Very hot. Kiba stared for a second. After a few moments he remembered that he was still only thrusting one finger into Shino and added the second, stretching the boy using a gentle scissoring motion

"Nn-" He squeezed his eyes shut, slowly begining to move against those invading fingers, causing him to pant and shift needily beneath Kiba. "More."

"Tch, impatience in this situation will only cause you pain." He said, kissing the other deeply before pulling his fingers out of the boy. "Relax a little Shino, or this'll hurt" He pulled off his pants and pulled the Aburame's hips to press against his groin.

Shino took a deep breath, trying to resist the urge to tense as these strange new feelings. "Look who talking." He smirked and peered up at Kiba. "I know you won't hurt me, Kiba."

Kiba smiled warmly and brushed some stray black hair away from his partner's face before positioning himself at the boy's entrance and thrusting in slowly.

He gripped at the grass around him, nails digging at the ground as he closed his eyes and panted heavily. "K-Kiba." He moaned despite the slight pain the feeling caused.

Kiba kept his eyes open, watching Shino's face as he pushed into him slowly. "Gods... you're so hot." He plunged in to kiss the other boy roughly.

Shino whimpered, arms wrapping around Kiba's neck. He shifted and, for once, tried to push himself against that pentration- causing a muffled cry to leave his lips.

Sex was hot, uncomfortable, and sweaty Kiba decided. He liked it. "Anxious much?" he panted in the other man's ear

"J..Just a little." He smirked, fingers brushing the tips of Kiba's hair, scratching at the base of his skull. "Does it feel good to you too, Kiba?"

"Gods you're se tight." Kiba muttered, pressing his forehead against Shino's shoulder again.

Shino panted, biting his lip as he looked to Kiba. "Fuck me like you promised, Kiba-san." He whispered out, licking his lips and trying to thrust, to grant himself some form of that heated pleasure. "Please..."

Kiba moaned at the boy's lusty words. "Damn if I thought that you were like this on the inside..." He pulled out a little and thrust back in, groaning.

"You would what, Kiba?" He gripped the youth's shoulders, gasping as he felt Kiba begin to leave him and just as suddenly that thick warmth invaded him, causing a moan to come forth. "Ah- Kiba...You don't have to be gentle with me. I'm a nin, remember?" He smirked, head tilting. "Do what it is you've wanted to do to me."

"Hmph, never knew you were a masochist too. I'da done this a hell of a lot sooner." He started thrusting roughly, angling himself so he could hit that spot that would make Shino cry out for him.

And cry out Shino did. His back arched and his body tensed as he gasped for air. "Aah! Yes, Kiba!" So far from everyone he felt no need to hold back his passionate cries, fingers clawing at the soil. "You feel so good.." He whispered as he tried to rock against the nin's thrusts, leaning his head back and panting.

"Oh god..." Kiba sped up his thrusts, jabbing at Shino's prostate mercilessly

With his fellow nin's heavy thrusting and particular swells of pleasure it sent through the boy, Shino wasn't able to last long before he cried out once more and felt blissful release- warmth splashing between them and sending blush to the Aburame's cheeks as he gasped for breath.

Kiba cried out as he felt Shino tighten around him, forcing his own release out "A- Ah! Shinooo!!" He shuddered with his release and gripped the taller boy tightly.

Shino hissed, eyes closing as his back arched, a groan leaving him before he leaned back against the ground and lay there beneath Kiba. His fingers roamed through the boy's hair as he swallowed heavily. "N..n..Was it what you wanted, Kiba-san?"

A muffled affirmation came from somewhere near Shino's shoulder.

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